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Contact Us: Tim & Tina Jones
Full time Outfitter & Lease Agent
Owners of Eastern Ohio Trophy Whitetails
Owners of TTJ Hunting LLC

(Cell) 724-422-5335

Welcome to Eastern Ohio Trophy Whitetails
and TTJ Hunting LLC

We specialize in hunting leases, guided and unguided hunts all on private managed land for trophy class deer.

We hunt all private land with mineral licks, food plots, crop fields and white oak ridges, and some very dense thickets. The terrain is mostly rolling woods with old farms, creek bottoms, wooded ridges and finger woods between crop fields. We have enclosed blinds, ground blinds, and shooting houses for you to enjoy your hunt on those rainy days. Our stands are Big Game, Primal and Muddy brand stands, mostly ladder and some hang on stands all with comfortable sets to make it comfortable enough to sit all day.

All hunting is done fair chase with no fences, we are here to offer true sportsmen a chance to harvest a mature free ranging trophy whitetail buck. We have a 130 gross minimum buck harvest on all our farms and no trophy fees on the larger bucks. We see many bucks from 135 to 170 with a few real monsters running around, which is why you hunt Ohio! We want to be your destination for hunting trophy deer. Many hunters come back year after year and have become family. We do reserve the right to cancel a hunt do to conduct, breaking our rules or violation of any game laws.


We are full time outfitters and are on the land all year, we run trail cameras, shed hunt, scout and add new land every season to ensure our hunters get the best chance to harvest that trophy buck. We also have a lodge for a clean comfortable stay.


We help cut & quarter freeze and cape your mount. Also be sure to check your states game laws on bringing the deer home, many states now require them to be processed prior to bringing them into your home state. We also have quality taxidermist close by to mount your deer.

Ohio license can be bought online with no draw at

We cannot guarantee that every hunter will harvest a deer, but we strive to make sure you have great lodging, lots of fun and will be treated like family. And we will not put a hunter in a stand or spot that we would not hunt ourselves and that we have not already seen or have pictures of a mature trophy. We look forward to seeing our regular clients in camp this fall along with many new faces.

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