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Contact Us: Tim & Tina Jones
Full time Outfitter & Lease Agent
Owners of Eastern Ohio Trophy Whitetails
Owners of TTJ Hunting LLC

Land Leases


Landowner Info.


         EOTW is an Ohio based family-owned business that manages hunting leases in 18 counties for the past 20+ years.  We believe our growth is due to the level of service we provide.

First and foremost, we work for the landowner and the landowner's best interests.

We pay our landowners better than other leasing companies or individuals.  The price we quote you is the price you receive.  Insurance is provided for your land and every hunter signs a liability waiver.  We do all of the paperwork and collect the hunter's funds. Being local to Ohio, we are here and can go to the properties when and if needed.  We have a large base of respectful hunters, that know hunting private land is a privilege, so your land never goes unleased.  We have references available upon request.

Why lease your land for hunting!?!

- Earn income from a renewable source.

- Reduce liability

- Eliminate unwanted traffic on your land and have someone looking out for your land       when you're not around.

- A good management plan can increase the value of your property.

- Help with crop damage.

Please call or email with any questions or more details.


Hunter Info.

We have hunting leases in Athens, Meigs, Washington, Morgan, Vinton, Gallia, Hocking, Lawrence, Jackson, Noble, Pike, Guernsey, Licking, Tuscarawas, Brown, Scioto, Highland, Monroe counties and adding more counties.

Our Quality leases go quickly and change daily; therefore, we no longer place them on our website. Please email for current leases, aerial maps and to book a showing appointment. The best way to keep informed on our new leases is to be added to our email data base that we send all new leases to first.

We have over 150 leases ranging from 15-50 acres for 1-2 hunters and 300 to 1000 acres for larger groups. We also allow you to take your children and spouse on the lease without them being a paid member on the lease, most companies only allow the adults on the lease to be on the land. We believe hunting is a family sport and to be enjoyed by the entire family, and after all once you pay the lease fee it’s your lease!

Every lease will have its own set of rules depending upon the current use of the land. Most of our leases allow limited ATV use, feeders, mineral licks, and food plots in areas with owner’s permission. Some leases offer a cabin or campers are allowed, some have places to fish, and our leases are exclusive hunting rights for your group on all legal game. The lease run one full year and you have the first chance to renew the lease in the 11 month for another season, we do offer some 3-5 year leases for hunters in this for the long haul.

Many hunters ask the question should I lease or hunt with an outfitter? We offer both and many times hunters go back and forth between a lease of their own and hunting with us on our hunts. The best rule of thumb is how many weeks do you have time to come to Ohio? My advice is if you have 4 weeks or more to dedicate to the lease, then lease, as you have more opportunities to harvest a trophy buck. If you have 2 weeks or less, then come hunt with me on our outfitter hunts.

Remember when you lease you become the guide. You now scout, set your stands, fill your feeders and mineral sites, post boundaries, drag the deer out, and provide the lodging and meals. Many hunters who lease from us enjoy the planting, checking cameras, setting stands, and making their own hit list of bucks to be taken as much as they enjoy the actual hunt, and it becomes a year-round enjoyment for the entire family.

Contact us today to begin the searching for your own place to hunt, or if all the work is not for you or you don’t have the time to work a lease then contact us to book a hunt and let us do the work while you simply enjoy the hunt!

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