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Owner of Eastern Ohio Trophy Whitetails


About Us

Don Moreland

I have been hunting deer for 50 years now, and helped dozens of Maryland and West Virginia hunters harvest trophy deer to mount. Before I decided to become an outfitter I harvested trophy bucks in 19 states and Canada, including Elk, Antelope and 4 trophy Mule deer and a Ram and 2 Fallow bucks.

I have fulfilled most of my personal goals in taking trophy class animals and now find more satisfaction in helping others dreams come true by harvesting a mature trophy buck. What sets us apart form many others is that we care deeply that you harvest a deer, and we will never place a hunter in a stand that we would not hunt out of ourselves.

We can not guarantee you will harvest a deer on every hunt but we will provide you with quality managed land to hunt with pictures of trophy bucks. We only take a few hunters each year and only hunt a few weeks each season to ensure better activity. You bring your stands so you choose your best spot for quality shot opportunity and not hunting outfitter stands that are hunted weekly.

Liz Moreland

I grew up in Parkersburg with my mom, brother, and my father who has hunted in West Virginia all his life. He even took me squirrel hunting as a young girl but I was just a bit too noisy to do any good. I remember being on my grandmother’s farm and watching as my dad and all my uncles would head out on the farm deer hunting while the ladies would stay back and cook and process the deer. Such wonderful memories.

Later in life I met Don Moreland who has been an avid hunter all his life. I remember when he Don drove me for the first time from Parkersburg to his Athens farm and I had to ask why he didn’t just hunt in WV instead of driving to Ohio? He smiled as we drove down the lane to a meadow and pointed to 2 deer grazing in the field, when they raised their heads, I was looking at two 170 class huge bucks, and he said that’s why we are here. That fall I took my first ever buck in Muzzleloader season and became a hunter and the next fall I shot my first 10 point with a bow, now I fully understood the rush of hunting these monster whitetails! Nothing like the excitement of being so close and taking a mature buck with a bow!! Now he is on the wall with the other big boys, not as big as Don’s but I am very proud of this accomplishment.

We are a family owned business and you will be hunting some of our best farms in southern Ohio. Farms we personally manage and hunt.